Best app for live streaming.

Not just to share with friends, nowadays the income from the video is also quite. Due to this, there has been a flurry of video posts on popular social media

Of these, good quality videos are also gaining popularity. More viewers of online videos now than ever before. On the other hand, through live streaming, anyone can easily spread his word or message, as well as other commercial purposes, including the purchase of goods and services.

Currently video broadcasts are quite helpful in this proven business. So many people are using this medium. But those who are still lagging behind can also take such an initiative.

Here are some tips to help you broadcast online Highlights about the two software used.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a widely used software for online live streaming. That is one of the best app for live streaming As it is open-source software, it can be used for free.

One of the key features of the software is the ability to switch between multiple sources while broadcasting. That means you can switch from camera to desktop capture during live.

It has the advantage of choosing the theme of your choice. With this, various filters including live chat, stickers can be added while video streaming.

The software can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac IOS and Linux based computers without any hassle.

If you have an idea to use the plugin, you will get the same service from OBS Studio as any other paid broadcast tool.


Warcast is a premium software for online video broadcasting. It has the opportunity to take input from multiple sources. These include camera, mic, webcam, IP camera, capture card and desktop.

Instant replay, scoreboard, instant clock and timer can be used in real time while using this software.

Up to eight audio track mixers will be available in the software. There are special features for built-in video conferencing and social media commenting.

It has the opportunity to stream to multiple sources at the same time. Users will have the opportunity to stream and record at the same time in the software.

In the basic version of the tool you will get the opportunity to use two guests, which will have video chat, unlimited capture, live production and many more features.

Premium says it is not available for free. After 30 days of free trial, you have to buy the software for 224 US dollars.

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