Learn How to Send Effective Buyer Request on Fiverr.

I posted a request on Fiverr for one of my jobs last month. I wanted to hire someone from the country, but sadly the requests from some of the people I got in the country were very unprofessional – which is why I had to select someone from another country even if I wanted to.

From that, I understand that many of us still take the basic idea of sending Fiverr buyer request. Even then they are constantly sending unprofessional buyer requests and the result is creating negative perceptions for freelancers in our country to clients in foreign countries.

So those who are new will definitely read this post well, so that everyone can send the buyer request properly.

As a seller, I have tried to highlight here the rules that I follow in sending Fiverr buyer request.

Things to keep in mind when sending a buyer request:

1) Choose the right offer :

Only send requests to requests that are neatly arranged and that you are fully skilled with.

2) Take your time to read the description:

There are many who send offers without fully understanding everything! Absolutely refrain from it.

All you have to do is take the time to read the buyer’s entire request carefully. Understand what the buyer wants first, then think about whether you can do the job 100% properly. Then you can click on “send offer”.

3) Keep your description clear, concise and to the point:

You must write your offer in a professional way.

“Hello SIR / MADAM”
“Good morning / evening / other greetings”
“How are you?”

Refrain from such unprofessional and irrelevant writing.

8) Copy pasted request to Everyone:

There are many newcomers who have a specific message ready, copy and paste the same message when they receive a request from your category.

Are you one of them? Then avoid it from today. It is never possible to get an order like this because different clients will want different things, what if the same thing is sent to everyone !? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

-You are sending a buyer request, not Eid greetings that you will copy-paste the same thing to everyone.

5) Short and Sweet:

Always try to write the offer as concisely as possible. Because the buyer has received a lot more requests besides you, it is very difficult to read all the requests, so the chances of avoiding extra large requests are much higher.

Therefore, always make sure that the description of the offer is not too large.

6) Proper Pricing:

Please don’t send an offer to buy chicken to the person who has come up with a budget to buy a cow! Remember, most clients want good quality, not low price.

If you think you can’t afford to work at a higher price yet – so do it at a lower price to get a job in this situation, then quickly close the Fiber tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on improving your skills. When you can afford to work at the right price, you must come back to Fiber.

7) Include the keyword:

The keywords used by the buyer must be used correctly in the offer. The buyer should be able to see that you are well aware of what he wants and that you understand all of his requirements.

8) Proofread offers:

Before submitting the offer, take a look at everything like the exam book, to make sure there are no mistakes.

9) Be available:

Buyers often send texts to those who like the request before ordering. Make sure you respond in a timely manner to the buyer’s message. Otherwise, when you send a message late, you will see the client reply “Sorry I have hired someone else.”

10) Others:

Sending the right buyer request is not something that can be learned all of a sudden in one day, after many experiments you will gradually understand how to send the right offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send regular requests.

There are many clients who are skilled to give their work, keep trying patiently – you will get it. Learn more about how to rank Fiverr gig on the first page.

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