How to become a freelancer ?

Newcomers know about Freelancing but are hesitant about how to get started or what to do. So various experts keep asking, “What is freelancing?” How do I do that?

” Which makes them feel annoyed. So today I am trying to give a guideline so that the processes will be much clearer. So, without wasting time, we get back to the main point.

What is freelancing?

In simple words, doing any work through the internet is called Freelancing. To put it better, we usually see people who know the work of graphics in different computer shops and people who know the work of MS Office work in different organizations.

They go to a certain place and work for the same BOSS for a long time. Doing the same things online in “Contract Basis Short time” is called Freelancing. These works are usually short time and are done by mutual consent of the worker and the buyer.

What is the difference between freelancing and outsourcing?

Everyone is in conflict over this issue, but it is a very simple matter. The work he is doing is called Freelancer, meaning he is doing Freelancing.

The work who is doing is called Freelancer, meaning he is doing Freelancing;

And the one who is doing the work is outsourcing, which means he is doing the work from outside.

How do I get started freelancing?

I will try to clarify the matter by answering most of the questions that are asked:

1) What qualifications do I need?

> Skills like using Google and YouTube and retrieving necessary information
> Communication Ability (English Written)
> Good idea about internet

First of all, if you have these skills, you are eligible for Freelancing. There is no evaluation of academic certificates, evaluation skills.

“But, if you drop out of school and run after Freelancing, you will see the desert on both sides and the sea in the middle, because Freelancing does not require a certificate, but Knowledge is required, which can only be obtained from education.”

2) What can be done in freelancing?

In a word, everything that can be done online can be done in Freelancing. Everything that can be done through a computer is like freelancing.

Starting from Data Entry, 3D Animation can also be done. However, it is not possible to remember all of them and it is impossible to say. But almost all that they do in Bangladesh are 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 2. Marketing

3) Brother, which job is easier? Which work would be better for me to do and can be earned quickly?

It is foolish to ask these questions. Anyone who asks this question must say that the work he does is easy because it is easy for him. But you may not find it easy or good. No one else can tell you what skills or interests you need. So,

first, you know about all the work and decide for yourself which one to work with. For this, you have to use Google and Youtube.

There is nothing you can’t find in these two places. If you search for “What is the mantra to seduce beautiful girls?”, You will get a lot of information on Google and Youtube.

4) How to learn Freelancing work?

After deciding which one to work with, it is your turn to learn. You have to go to a trainer to learn, but you have to be a good trainer. At present, there are always institutions that teach by name. Those who have not been able to do well online are also trainers now,

because it is much easier to make money by teaching them how to make money. So you have to go to an organization that teaches well and gives good support. Because success largely depends on teaching. There are a few qualities in the hands of such institutions.

5) Where will I work?

After learning to work, it is time to work. Usually, the place where Freelancers work is known as Marketplace. Market means “sell and buy”,
in the same way buyers in Marketplace write “job post” according to their needs and Freelancer sends a proposal to that job which is called “Bid”.

The buyer then selects the qualified person for the interview and assigns the job. After the work is done, the buyer pays. The length of the work can be hired from a few minutes to a few months or even a few years in the long run.

6) How to raise money?

After working $ will be credited to your Marketplace Account and there are several ways to withdraw them.


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