It is very difficult to understand what will be useful in the crowd of thousands of extensions of Google Chrome. So the necessary 5 Chrome extensions were found.

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides

There is no problem if the computer does not have Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint installed. If you install the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides extension, you can drag Office files to Chrome. Then the file will open in Gmail or Google Drive. So Docs, sheets or slides can be edited in any format.

Tab Wrangler

The extension will close tabs that have been inactive for a long time. They can be easily reopened by saving and closing tabs. However, if you pin it, the tab will not close.

Session Buddy

All the open tabs can be seen in one place through the extension. The biggest advantage is that the tabs can be recovered even if the browser or system crashes. Topics can be given for each link. If you search with the topic later, the tab will be found again.

Last pass

It acts as a password manager. It can be installed and saved the login and password of all the accounts. New password add, edit, delete everything can be done in the extension. If you want, bank account number, credit card number, passport, diving license can also be saved.

Data Visualization

The extension will inform the user if any webpage has changed. The link of the web page you want to know about the change should be given in the extension. Any changes are actually notified to the user via email.

This is very useful when pre-ordering a product or booking a hotel. All extensions can be downloaded for free from the Google Chrome web store. Extensions can be disabled or deleted at any time.

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